The Nordic Way

Sustainability. Transparency. Respect for nature and people

About us

We believe that business can be more than sustainable. It can be restorative, regenerative and create value for all stakeholders involved.

We work through projects that employ the highest standards within their respective fields and partner with likeminded people across the value chain. Our aim is to show a way of business that solves pressing climate issues while creating economic value. That is The Nordic Way.

We are a fairly young company, and we are therefore still making a lot of decisions about what we are going to focus on and how we can make an impact. Our first projects are well under way already. You can see more further down this page. 

If you see yourself as part of one or more of our projects, you are very welcome to submit an enquiry in the form at the bottom of this page. 

Current projects


With the nord project, we are bringing the incredible health benefits of seaweed to you - the consumer. Most people have heard about the many health properties of seaweed, such as stabilising the metabolism, supporting the regeneration of cells in skin, hair and nails, support of cognitive functions and aiding digestion. But we don't want to eat strands of seaweed every day, do we? nord has the solution

The Nordic Way

The Nordic Way is exploring healthy and sustainable products including the potential of fresh seaweed in Danish waters. We are investigating cultivation methods and best pactices for harvesting to map out a business case for local seaweed as a food source.

The team

Thomas Højberg


Thomas is the supply chain guy. He has worked more than 10 years with international supply chain management and is passionate about all things sustainable

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