Culinary Ingredient 90g

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90 grams (3.17oz)

Vores tangpulver fra buletang (Ascophyllum Nodosum) er mere end en salt-erstatning; det tilføjer umami til mad og drikke. Rig på jod, hjælper det din skjoldbruskkirtel, skærper fokus og forbedrer søvn. Brug det som et supplement i en varieret kost.

Obligatorisk tekst for kosttilskud: Den anbefalede daglige dosis bør ikke overskrides. Kosttilskud bør ikke træde i stedet for varieret kost. Opbevares uden for børns rækkevidde. Bør kun efter aftale med læge eller sundhedsplejerske anvendes af gravide og børn under 1 år. OBS. Ovenstående tekst er en obligatorisk tekst. Aldersangivelsen kan variere. Se derfor evt. den konkrete angivelse under ”Daglig dosis”.


What's in it
Nutritional values (typical) per 100 g

Energy 154 kc / 630 kj
Protein 5.89 g
Carbohydrate (total) 55.32 g
of which
Carbohydrate (available) 4.50 g
Sugars 4.28 g
Fat 1.27 g
of which
Saturates 0.40 g
Mono-unsaturates (cis) 0.96 g
Mono-unsaturates (trans) <0.01 g
Polyunsaturates 0.21 g
Polyunsaturates (trans) <0.01 g
Dietary fibre (AOAC) 50.83 g
of which
Insoluble fibre 41.26 g
Soluble fibre 8.89 g
Sodium 3.30 g
Moisture 10.23 g
What it does
This classic food ingredient adds complex mineral and umami flavours to everyday foods. Ascophyllum is a natural prebiotic, supports gastrointestinal health and bowel function, reduces the glycemic index in carbohydrate foods and with other dietetic measures, contributes to weight management. As a good source of iodine it contributes to normal thyroid, nervous system and cognitive function and the maintenance of normal skin. It adds a broad balance of micronutrients to a normal daily diet.
How to use
Add a couple of generous pinches to ready meals, pasta, rice, meat, potatoes and any other vegetable, cheese, yoghurts, soups, sauces and teas. Bake into bread and use it to replace salt, or mix with salt and herbs as a condiment. It can also be mixed with a little cold water to soften and blend it into other foods. All Seagreens® nutrition products contain significant levels of natural iodine. Safe in permanent daily use. The uptake of iodine in the body has been shown to be no more than 1/3rd of intake* as shown in the following table.

Figures per gram are average iodine levels from over 12 years of harvesting Seagreens®.

For more information click on the Profile of nutrients box. A free booklet Iodine sufficiency from nutritious food seaweed is available for professional study from
British Isles and Nordic region. The best seaweed species are found in different locations. Seagreens has developed 5 food certified remote harvesting locations and production facilities in England, Iceland, Ireland, Norway and Scotland.
Profile of nutrients
What is Nutritious Food Seaweed?
NFS makes the quality of certified seaweed in a product transparent to consumers, with access to its nutritional profile. The total composition of NFS seaweed is monitored and must meet minimum and maximum criteria both for the good stuff (nutrients) and the bad stuff (contaminants), compliant with the most stringent international food safety standards. NFS is more than a quality standard, enabling the sustainable production of world class seaweed for human consumption which gives seaweed producers access to new markets at home and abroad. Rooted in the principles of biodynamic, organic and sustainable farming, with aspects of marine science, botany, nutrition and conservation, NFS has been administered by the Seaweed Health Foundation together with the Biodynamic Association since inception in 2014.
What others say
It is our policy never to solicit opinions or endorsements.

Seagreens® products have been tried by all the staff at WNAS (Women’s Nutritional Advisory Service) and we are now recommending the Culinary Ingredient and Salad & Condiment to our patients. I am particularly pleased with the taste of the Seagreens® range. Many of my patients are on restricted diets, and they often complain that food is ‘bland’ and lacking flavour. By using Seagreens® they will still be able to enjoy a flavoursome diet. The iodine is also a useful ingredient for those patients with an underactive thyroid.”
Helen Heap, Nutritionist, Women’s Nutritional Advisory Service, England 1999

“This seaweed is highly nutritious, supports digestion, aids detox and helps alkalise the body. It generally contains over 70 of the micronutrients, vitamins and minerals that your body needs for health, packed with amino acids and rich in compounds called polysaccharides which cleanse and heal the intestines and help the breakdown of food. These compounds also bind heavy metals and assist their removal from the body. There are different forms of seaweed and lots of delicious ways to use them. Try Seagreens® culinary and condiment products made from organic bladderwrack.”
Jacqueline Young, nutritionist, clinical psychologist, oriental medical practitioner, naturopath and author, Sunday Mirror, London 2006

“Seagreens is exactly the type of product I love to recommend to our customers and your company is one that I feel very pleased to be able to do business with.”
Adrian Midgley, Owner, Half Moon Healthfoods, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire 2007

“One of my favourite ingredients, Seagreens® Culinary Ingredient is a UK-produced wild Wrack seaweed granule that has a complete nutritional profile. It contains all the vitamins and minerals the body needs. It adds texture, flavour and nutrition to just about any savoury dish you can think of. It is expensive, but you only need a little – less than a teaspoon per serving is ample.”
Kate Wood, author Raw Living – detox your life and eat the high energy way. Pub. Grub Street, London 2007

“Seagreens® produces a combination of pure wild seaweeds, rich in the minerals, trace elements and phyto-nutrients we need to ensure that our own metabolic processes function well. These elements become terribly depleted in people who have been living on convenience foods. Seagreens® not only help support health; they cleanse the body of toxicity and pollutants. Their organic acids and the iodine are natural detoxifiers which attract and bind heavy metals like cadmium, arsenic and lead as well as radioactive substances, and remove them from the body. The seaweeds in Seagreens® (nutrition products) are collected among sparsely inhabited islands in the (British Isles and Nordic region). They grow in a marine environment as unharmed as any can be these days. Seagreens® seaweeds come in different forms, all of which are useful in different ways. The Salad & Condiment and Culinary Ingredient work in a shaker or table grinder as you would use for salt and pepper. Or you can spread the Culinary Ingredient in a ready-ground form over your salad. I particularly like this, as it gives a crunchy quality and feel to the salad. I am so delighted to see a really good quality mixture of seaplants widely available from pristine waters.”
Leslie Kenton, food and health writer and author, London 2007

“Seagreens® put their ethics where their mouth is.”
Rex Tyler, Owner, Cook’s Delight natural health and food store, Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire 2007

“There is a wonderful energy in those bottles and the integrity with which your company produces this product is incredible.”
JK, Canada 2008

“I had extremely high levels of mercury in my body following some mercury amalgam extraction and this gave rise to various symptoms. I finally found a good holistic dentist and I began taking Seagreens® Food Capsules, monitoring the mercury levels using stool tests conducted in Germany. During the past few years I have recovered and in 2011 my levels were “as low as anyone could wish”. I have taken only these Food Capsules and your Culinary Ingredient, and probiotics.”
AS, Shropshire 2012

“I’ve been an acupuncturist for 20 years and have often recommended seaweed to my clients. Experience has shown they have rarely managed to include it in their diet. I was therefore, very relieved to discover your products. Many of my clients can benefit from your products.”
SA, Hampshire 2013

“I initially bought this hoping it would help me lose weight. It’s too soon to tell if it will work for that purpose but I have discovered that it is great for energy. I feel so much better and awake now. I will definitely purchase again!”
MS, England 2012

“I was introduced to Seagreens more than 12 years ago and have not had a proper cold or ailment since. I take no food supplements and keep a healthy diet with plenty of fruit and veg. I have 2 Food Capsules daily and increased it to 4 capsules a day during the months I breast fed each of my 3 children, who were all very bonny and healthy babies! My friends often comment about my healthy complexion and why I never seem to catch anything, and if I do, I only have a day with a hint of whatever cold is going around, my body seems to fight it very quickly. I give Seagreens® to my kids as their only supplement and like me, they rarely catch colds. They eat the capsules with their breakfast or I bake the Culinary Ingredient into our homemade bread.”
AM, Jersey 2012

“I’m using my almost 80 years old mother as an example. She has only used your Culinary Ingredient for a little over a year and her too high blood pressure is so much normalized. She do not need medicine any longer.”
TJ, Denmark 2016

“Seagreens® has become an important part of our market and the Slovenian people love and trust it.”
Ignac and Tamara Rogelj, Seagreens® Consortium Partners, Ljubljana 2020
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