Food Capsules 180 stk.

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Pack size
180 capsules : 3 months

Vores kapsler af tang: Ascophyllum Nodosum, Fucus Vesicolosus og Pelvetia Canaliculata.

Et kosttilskud der, øger mætheden, fremmer fordøjelsen og sukkerstofferne frigives langsommere, så kroppen bedre kan forarbejde og optage dem.

Produktet indeholder vitaminer, fibre, proteiner og mineraler.

Med sit naturlige indhold af jod styrker det skjoldbruskkirtlen, og giver krop og sjæl brændstof. Det øger koncentrationsevnen, hjælper til øget velvære og bedre søvn.

Kapslerne kan tages som de er gerne med morgenmaden, eller de kan puttes i maden eller juice. Kapslerne er veganske.


Obligatorisk tekst for kosttilskud: Den anbefalede daglige dosis bør ikke overskrides. Kosttilskud bør ikke træde i stedet for varieret kost. Opbevares uden for børns rækkevidde. Bør kun efter aftale med læge eller sundhedsplejerske anvendes af gravide og børn under 1 år. OBS. Ovenstående tekst er en obligatorisk tekst. Aldersangivelsen kan variere. Se derfor evt. den konkrete angivelse under ”Daglig dosis”.


What's in it
Nutritional values (typical) per 100 g

Energy 180 kc / 740 kj
Protein 4.96 g
Carbohydrate (total) 54.62g
of which
Carbohydrate (available) 8.30 g
Sugars 2.46 g
Fat 3.28 g
of which
Saturates 0.75 g
Mono-unsaturates (cis) 1.89 g
Mono-unsaturates (trans) <0.01 g
Polyunsaturates 0.74 g
Polyunsaturates (trans) <0.01g
Dietary fibre (AOAC) 49.51 g
of which
Insoluble fibre 39.48 g
Soluble fibre 9.34 g
Sodium 3.16 g
Moisture 11.46 g
What it does
Widely used for comprehensive dietary completeness every day, and at higher levels in nutritional therapy. Contributes to healthy digestion, metabolism, circulation and cognition subject to research since 2008 with many published scientific papers.
How to use
2 capsules (1 gram) each morning, preferably with first food or drink, contributes a balance of micronutrients to a normal daily diet. In older age and to address health conditions and nutrition deficiencies, professional advice may be helpful before using higher daily amounts. For children use half the amount. Safe in permanent daily use for any age and health condition.
British Isles and Nordic region. The best seaweed species are found in different locations. Seagreens has developed 5 food certified remote harvesting locations and production facilities in England, Iceland, Ireland, Norway and Scotland.
Profile of nutrients
What is Nutritious Food Seaweed?
NFS makes the quality of certified seaweed in a product transparent to consumers, with access to its nutritional profile. The total composition of NFS seaweed is monitored and must meet minimum and maximum criteria both for the good stuff (nutrients) and the bad stuff (contaminants), compliant with the most stringent international food safety standards. NFS is more than a quality standard, enabling the sustainable production of world class seaweed for human consumption which gives seaweed producers access to new markets at home and abroad. Rooted in the principles of biodynamic, organic and sustainable farming, with aspects of marine science, botany, nutrition and conservation, NFS has been administered by the Seaweed Health Foundation together with the Biodynamic Association since inception in 2014.
What others say
It is our policy never to solicit opinions or endorsements.

“I have a serious long term illness and I feel the Food Capsules are helping me. I wish you every success.”
DF, England 1999

“Seagreens® fill a nutritional gap where there was nothing before. Unlike so many tablets and capsules, I’ve noticed their exceptional bioavailability. I can feel my body taking up all the nutrients like a sponge. Seagreens® have helped my fluid retention, I feel more energised, and I just don’t want to stop using them because I feel so much better.”
Taniya Maxted-Frost, author The Organic Baby Book, Green Books, England 1999

“I was so pleased at my last check with the midwife. My iron levels were at 100%! She was quite impressed! I am sure I can thank the Seagreens® Food Capsules. I have been advised to continue after the birth as well, as it will make me produce wonderful milk!”
AM, England 2000

“I can’t see that there is anything (in most conventional toxic metal detox protocols) which Seagreens® will not provide naturally and do just as well and probably without the side effects.”
Dr J. G. Levenson LDS RCS(Edin.), London 2002

“I am religiously taking the Food Capsules (2 daily) and have been since the end of May. I am slowly beginning to notice an improvement to my general health and am quite sure that Seagreens® are the reason why.”
RH, Edinburgh 2002

“Your products have been a Godsend. Since I have not been using them (because I couldn’t get them at my local store any more) I felt something was missing from my diet. They have made me mentally more alert and I have been feeling so much better. I am quite amazed”
DM, Warwickshire 2003

“I can’t tell you how shocked I have been to see what has happened with him (autistic son). He has NEVER communicated appropriately with me. He is communicating fully with me; all his wants and needs and even things I didn’t think he knew. He has asked me ‘please’ two times in the last week for a pressure rub on his feet. He brought the ‘I love you’ picture to his Dad, which shocked us both. Weather pictures are not used in his class, but a few days ago he brought me a sunny picture. I said: ‘No, it’s not sunny outside, it’s cloudy’. Well, lo’ and behold, he brought me the cloudy picture! He has even started imitating sounds with me, where I do it, then he does it, back and forth. He has started since about December or so, cleaning up after himself, putting his clothes in the washer, little things like that. Cheryl and I were talking the other night and she said: ‘Are you still using the Seagreens®?’ And I said: ‘Yes!’ I think even she was amazed at what’s happening right now. I have prayed in the back of my mind so many times, even during the really bad times that he would make milestones like this. I keep hoping, and I have one of those gut feelings that speech is (a sign) in our future. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done for my son and myself. Even though they have been small steps towards progress since we started these back in July and August, where we are today is more than I could ever have hoped for.”
LM, United States of America, 2003

“Thank you for the boxes of seaweed Food Capsules. My daughter has already taken a box for herself. She has heard of Seagreens® already and says Liz Hurley takes them!”
DG, Kent, England, 2003

“I asked myself why I felt it necessary not to be without them (Seagreens® Food Capsules). Apart from the fact that I am sure they play a large part on the health and energy of my husband and I, it is their INTEGRITY. I would be distraught if for some reason they were no longer available. I also like the fact that when placing an order over the telephone, one speaks to a real, very pleasant person! May Seagreens® last forever!”
JL, Worcestershire 2003

“Seagreens® are good at addressing the whole person and balancing the body systems…whether the client needs their immune system boosting, toxins chelated, their cholesterol and blood pressure lowered, or their skin and hair improved…if people are very ill or just need a daily maintenance support. Seagreens’ nutritional composition efficiently supports these actions. Many symptoms dissipate and they notice the difference if they run out. I have been practising as a clinical nutritionist for nearly 10 years and have the choice of hundreds of supplements to prescribe for my clients, but more often than not I recommend Seagreens® Food Capsules and Food Granules.”
Annie McRae Dip IoN, Sussex 2006

“We are pleased that Seagreens® Food Granules is the only nutritional support so far that she (autistic daughter with seizures) has accepted and appears to be happy with. We have recommended Seagreens® to other special needs parents. We see Seagreens® doing the following: reducing toxins in the gut, healing the gut wall, normalising pH balance in the blood, reducing build up of acids/phospho-lipids in the gut, addressing food intolerances and allergy problems.”
MP, Cambridgeshire, England 2006

“There is no food to rival this, not like all those which shout about how good they are. You should say this on your literature because it is true, it is the best food there is.”
DW, Cheshire, England 2006

“I am now prescribing Seagreens® to almost all my patients as a natural source of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other nutrients. I see a lot of health improvements: from improved energy and stamina to better memory and skin. It is the only supplement I have found so far that stops children biting their nails – a sign of nutritional deficiencies.”
Dr N. Campbell-McBride MD MMedSci(neurology), MMedSci(nutrition), Cambridge 2006

“I would like to thank you on behalf of my clients, for the wonderful effects of Seagreens® when used in conjunction with a personalised nutrition programme: loss of weight in obstinate non-loss cases, including low thyroid, and fabulous midriff and hip reduction in all. The health benefits are amazing especially in pre-IVF cases where removal of heavy metals are so essential.”
Anne Gardner, Nutritional Therapist, Middlesex 2007

“Your products are fantastic. They are really good and easy to use and they make it easy for people to get the seaweed into their daily diet.”
Jacqueline Young, Nutritionist, MPsychol ND, London 2007

“Hand on heart, yours is the only product I could recommend to anyone.”
RW, Stoke-on-Trent 2009

“The menopause is a time of change and your female hormones are going to be fluctuating up and down. The more gradually you go through the menopause, the less hormone fluctuations you experience and the easier the transition. Having a good diet and making sure that you are not deficient in certain nutrients can make the difference between having a difficult or easy menopause. Using seaweeds at this stage in your life can be beneficial as they will contain good levels of trace minerals such as zinc, manganese, chromium and selenium and calcium, magnesium, iron and iodine. I use Seagreens® in some of the women’s supplements that I have formulated for The Natural Health Practice.”
Dr Marilyn Glenville PhD, Tunbridge Wells, 2010

“I had extremely high levels of mercury in my body following some mercury amalgam extraction and this gave rise to various symptoms. I finally found a good holistic dentist and I began taking Seagreens® Food Capsules, monitoring the mercury levels using stool tests conducted in Germany. During the past few years I have recovered and in 2011 my levels were “as low as anyone could wish”. I have taken only these Food Capsules and your Culinary Ingredient, and probiotics.”
AS, Shropshire 2012

“I’ve been using Seagreens for a while, need to stock up again but really think they have benefited my health especially a low thyroid and have so far avoided having to take medication.”
VJ, England 2013
“I took the last of my Seagreens® Food Capsules (2 with breakfast and two whilst on the bike) during and the day after the Ironman contest and my recovery has been much faster than I expected.”
GH, Operations Manager, Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (South East Region), Surrey 2014

“I do not know if it is my imagination playing around with me, but I am beginning to feel a little more energetic. It is becoming easier to focus on projects for a longer time now, and it does not take a lot of effort as earlier this winter. It is a change, and I’m sure it is your Food Capsules. It feels like the change really came after one week of taking two capsules in the morning and one in the evening. During these times in January and February you are empty of vitamins you had in the summer, especially the d-vitamin (no sunlight) and you feel very tired. Not now! I think you have done a tremendous work creating Seagreens and I will continue to eat this fantastic product.”
JS, Umeå, Sweden 2014

“Seagreens® Food Capsules cured a virulent tummy bug that I had the misfortune to catch but Wow, what an incredible healing effect it had, even after just 2 capsules – so impressed I just had to share this.”
JS, Gloucestershire 2014

“I have been taking 2 Food Capsules per day for two months now and I can definitely feel my micronutrients are more balanced as I am craving less refined carbohydrates and the need for snacking. When are bodies are nutritionally deficient we crave quick energy.”
CvE, Nutritionist, London 2014

“Seagreens has helped Kirstin (in California) with immune system issues and broad allergies. She feels better, she assimilates minerals and vitamins of the food she eats and responds a lot better to the medicines she has to take. All this has happened since she began to eat Seagreens® Food Capsules.”
JS, Sweden 2015

“I’m using my almost 80 years old mother as an example. She has only used (Seagreens®) Culinary Ingredient for a little year and her too high blood pressure is so much normalized She do not need medicine any longer.”
TJ, Denmark 2016

“I am so very impressed because almost as soon as I began every day, the hot flushes stopped! I feel generally more balanced and my energy no longer fluctuates as it has been doing for some time now.”
AW, Sussex 2017

“Since taking Seagreens I am convinced mine has improved and had said as much to my husband before I read in your research summary that iodine contributes to, amongst over things, maintenance of normal skin. Interesting!”
JB, England 2018

“I have been taking Seagreens Food Capsules on and off for about 10 years, and they are simply incredible. I have suffered with chronic fatigue and my thyroid has been under-active in the past, but when I take these capsules within days I notice a dramatic difference in my energy levels and my overall well-being. I cannot rate these highly enough. They are packed with nutrients and minerals and the difference they make to my health is simply amazing. I just wish more people knew about Seagreens and its extraordinary benefits. This really is a miracle product – just one capsule in the morning, and one in the evening (with food) and I am transformed from someone who has no energy, who is listless and can feel rubbish – to someone who has an abundance of energy, feels positive and who is enthusiastic to get up in the morning. Simply amazing. Thank you Seagreens and please never stop making your fantastic products!”
TS, London 2019

“Seagreens® has become an important part of our market and the Slovenian people love and trust it.”
Ignac and Tamara Rogelj, Seagreens® Consortium Partners, Ljubljana 2020
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