Iodine+ Capsules 60 stk.

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Pack size
60 kapsler : 2 måneder

Kapsler til voksne med jod

Kapsler lavet af tang: Ascophyllum Nodosum.

Kapslerne har et højt indhold af jod, og bør kun tages hvis man ved at man mangler jod.

Jod bidrager til en normalt fungerende skjoldbrudskirtel, hvilket hjælper på koncentrationsevnen, øget velvære og bedre søvn.

Kapslerne skal tages som et kosttilskud og som en del af en varieret kost. Kapslerne er veganske


Obligatorisk tekst for kosttilskud: Den anbefalede daglige dosis bør ikke overskrides. Kosttilskud bør ikke træde i stedet for varieret kost. Opbevares uden for børns rækkevidde. Bør kun efter aftale med læge eller sundhedsplejerske anvendes af gravide og børn under 1 år. OBS. Ovenstående tekst er en obligatorisk tekst. Aldersangivelsen kan variere. Se derfor evt. den konkrete angivelse under ”Daglig dosis”.


What's in it
Nutritional values (typical) per 100 g

Energy 154 kc / 630 kj
Protein 5.89 g
Carbohydrate (total) 55.32 g
of which
Carbohydrate (available) 4.50 g
Sugars 4.28 g
Fat 1.27 g
of which
Saturates 0.40 g
Mono-unsaturates (cis) 0.96 g
Mono-unsaturates (trans) <0.01 g
Polyunsaturates 0.21 g
Polyunsaturates (trans) <0.01 g
Dietary fibre (AOAC) 50.83 g
of which
Insoluble fibre 41.26 g
Soluble fibre 8.89 g
Sodium 3.30 g
Moisture 10.23
What it does
All the iodine you need for daily sufficiency, plus all the nutrients the body needs to metabolise it. Iodine contributes to the normal production of thyroid hormones, normal thyroid function, nervous system and cognitive function, the normal growth of children, normal energy-yielding metabolism, and the maintenance of normal skin. Plus each capsule contains natural vitamins such as B9 and B12, minerals such as magnesium, selenium and zinc – all the other nutrients the body needs for the effective transport and metabolism of iodine – and contributes a small balance of micronutrients to a normal daily diet. Independent thyroid iodine research on Seagreens® Ascophyllum was published in the British Journal of Nutrition in 2014.
How to use
For sufficiency in iodine, wherever there is a known deficiency, one capsule each morning (500mg or 0.02oz), or the capsule may be emptied into any food or cold drink, simply by pulling apart. For children, or merely to ‘top up’ daily iodine, use Iodine Lite+ Capsules. All Seagreens® nutrition products contain varying levels of natural iodine. The uptake of iodine in the body has been shown to be no more than 1/3rd of intake* as shown in the following table. Safe in permanent daily use.

For more information click on the Profile of nutrients box. A free booklet Iodine sufficiency from nutritious food seaweed is available for professional study from
British Isles and Nordic region. The best seaweed species are found in different locations. Seagreens has developed 5 food certified remote harvesting locations and production facilities in England, Iceland, Ireland, Norway and Scotland.
Profile of nutrients
What is Nutritious Food Seaweed?
NFS makes the quality of certified seaweed in a product transparent to consumers, with access to its nutritional profile. The total composition of NFS seaweed is monitored and must meet minimum and maximum criteria both for the good stuff (nutrients) and the bad stuff (contaminants), compliant with the most stringent international food safety standards. NFS is more than a quality standard, enabling the sustainable production of world class seaweed for human consumption which gives seaweed producers access to new markets at home and abroad. Rooted in the principles of biodynamic, organic and sustainable farming, with aspects of marine science, botany, nutrition and conservation, NFS has been administered by the Seaweed Health Foundation together with the Biodynamic Association since inception in 2014.
What others say
It is our policy never to solicit opinions or endorsements.

“Seagreens® are good at addressing the whole person and balancing the body systems…whether the client needs their immune system boosting, toxins chelated, their cholesterol and blood pressure lowered, or their skin and hair improved…if people are very ill or just need a daily maintenance support. Seagreens’ nutritional composition efficiently supports these actions. Many symptoms dissipate and they notice the difference if they run out. I have been practising as a clinical nutritionist for nearly 10 years and have the choice of hundreds of supplements to prescribe for my clients, but more often than not I recommend Seagreens® Food Capsules and Food Granules.”
Annie McRae Dip IoN, Sussex 2006

“I am now prescribing Seagreens® to almost all my patients as a natural source of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other nutrients. I see a lot of health improvements: from improved energy and stamina to better memory and skin. It is the only supplement I have found so far that stops children biting their nails – a sign of nutritional deficiencies.”
Dr N. Campbell-McBride MD MMedSci(neurology), MMedSci(nutrition), Cambridge 2006

“I would like to thank you on behalf of my clients, for the wonderful effects of Seagreens® when used in conjunction with a personalised nutrition programme: loss of weight in obstinate non-loss cases, including low thyroid, and fabulous midriff and hip reduction in all. The health benefits are amazing especially in pre-IVF cases where removal of heavy metals are so essential.”
Anne Gardner, Nutritional Therapist, Middlesex 2007

“I’ve been using Seagreens for a while, need to stock up again but really think they have benefitted my health especially a low thyroid and have so far avoided having to take medication.”
VJ, England 2013

“I am so very impressed because almost as soon as I began every day, the hot flushes stopped! I feel generally more balanced and my energy no longer fluctuates as it has been doing for some time now.”
AW, Sussex 2017

“Since taking Seagreens I am convinced mine has improved and had said as much to my husband before I read in your research summary that iodine contributes to, amongst over things, maintenance of normal skin. Interesting!”
JB, England 2018
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